I have compiled some of my favorite photographs from the past three months of exploring in Fort Wayne, Chicago, and the Pacific Northwest in today’s blog post.

My visit to Oregon and Washington in July was the first time I explored in the region. It did not disappoint! I found some dirt cheap tickets out of Chicago a couple weeks before I left. It was thrilling to explore a region of the cuff in such short notice. I traveled alone and knew no one in the areas I visited.

Overall, I enjoyed exploring the Pacific coast more than Portland itself. That’s probably more due to my preference for outdoorsy locales over urban environments. I’d like to visit the region again and explore the Seattle area, which I didn’t have time to see.

I took along my “new-to-me” wide angle lens for my DSLR. I ordered it used from B&H Photo out of New York. It was $1,200 cheaper than new. It still works great with only a few cosmetic defects. I had no issues walking around both downtown Chicago and central Portland with my gear.

After returning to northeast Indiana, it’s been interesting taking this new lens along and re-exploring places I’ve visited before along with a few new places, which I have intermingled on this list.

I shot several thousand photos over the past few months, which I’ve boiled down to seven of my favorites from my Instagram. Feel free to follow along. My account geared to the public and isn’t an ongoing chronicle of my nonexistent personal life (haha).

The Photography